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The Consultative and training institute «Status»

The Private Educational Institution of the Optional Education

The Consultative and training institute «Status», is a legitimate successor of the psycho-educational centre «Status», which was opened in 1998.

The group of psychologists and psychotherapists has founded the institute, they pursued the aim to work independently, to apply the intergrated modern tendencies of the psychology and psyhoterapy, providing a psychological treatment for the citizens of Orenburg and its region.

The teachers of the institute have been participating in the therapeutic and training programme of the Consultative and Psychotherapy Institute “Harmony”(St. Petersburg) for eight years. The teahers have participated in the courses of a geshtalt-therapy, a psychosynthesis, a supervising maintenance, a coach practice and have been certified accordingly. All the techers conduct the seminars, training classes, groups of psychotherapeutic aid and render psychological assistance.

For years the Consultative and Training Institute “Status” has focused on the coaching and maintenance assistance for the specialists of supportive professions within the region area.

We have organized and conducted more than 70 seminars and coaching classes of different duration in Orenburg and the towns of Orenburg region: Orsk, Buguruslan, Gai, Buzuluk and others. Besides, there are mobile consulting and training schools.

The target of the Consultative and Training Institute “Status” is to provide a psychological assistance as any other service, to train the specialists which will be capable to provide these services and to foster their work by the professional community.

There can be singled out the following spheres of “Status” activities:
1. A clinical practice activities.
2. Consultations on the point of human resources.
3. A consultative and training school.

A clinical practice activites comprise of the health programes, the seminars and classes of individual assistance, the family maintenance programme (according to B.Hellinger’s method), children groups, the discussion groups(personal problems and their solution), the teenagers and youth groups aimed at preventing personal problems, the thematic seminars and classes. The objective is to render a psychological assistance of solving personality and family crises, to sustain the conditions which can contribute to the psychological background of the youth.

The groups of a permanent basis cover the thematic seminars, the coaching classes, a club of psychological assistance, a family maintenance classes, the teenagers club, the health programmes (a body source, a programme on a weights correction, a programme for cigarettes addicts).

Consultations on the point of human resources. Personal approach to your business! We provide the consulting services in the human resources sphere and the organization development: the consultations for the enterprises, the coaching classes, the programmes of the staff s assessment and coaching.

We conduct the training classes: «A School for Business-Trainers», «High sales», «Successful Management», «A Team Spirit», «The Client-Oriented Services», «A Stress-management», «The Negotiating Skill», «The Time Management» and others.

The Consultative and Training Institute «Status» can focus on the clients demands and requirements for achieving the utmost results we can work out the projects for your enterprise, with due regard for its goals and specific features.

The consultative and training school functions for psychologists, personnel managers, middle-level managers, teachers, workers of medical and social spheres, other workers of supportive jobs and final-year students of suitable professions.

The target is to be able to conduct the consultations of a various kind: individual, group, family and organizational. Besides, to coach and conduct all types of the training classes.

The provided form of education are: the thematic seminars, the group of supervision and personal maintenance. The term of study comprises of a 2-year basic programme, a 3-year probation period, which you undergo in Institute with the specialization courses.

The available part-time classes and weekend classes don’t affect a regular job. The active forms of training contribute to both theoretical and practical experience. The educational group provide its participants a consultants and a coach’s experience within a group, in the similar to life environment. The different styles of conducting and coaching classes are available to the students to make them work out their own working style. The educational process is accompanied with a supervising, professional and personal maintenance.

You can contact or find us at the address:
16/1 Montazhnikov Street, office 213, Orenburg: 460048, Russian Federation
Phone (3532) 977-325, Fax (3532) 370-469
Web: http://www.orenstatus.ru/ ; e-mail: webmaster@orenstatus.ru
The registered certificate 56 № 000659315 (31.03.2003)

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